Gear Spotlight – Akai MFC 42

In my searches for an analogue filter, I explored quite a few options and ultimately ended up on the AKAI MFC42.

One of the things that ultimately persuaded me to take the leap was this video with Ian Pooley extolling its virtues.

Like Ian, I find that I’m using this on just about every track, whether it’s to give pads movement, creatively filter loops, or to add some analogue grit to my drums. I love this machine and am thrilled it will be in my studio for a long time to come.

It definitely ads character in a way that in my view only hardware can, and I like the tactile approach, especially with a filter. It’s also a definite investment. If you’re not keen on splashing out on a hardware filter, there are some quality filter plugins that also do a great job for less money.

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