Plugin Review – D16 Decimort

D16 Decimort
D16 Decimort 2 – Bit Crusher

One of the plugins I’m using regularly these days is D16 Group’s Decimort 2.

Classed as a bit-crusher, it’s also legitimate to say that it’s a classic sampler emulation. It includes some presets that emulate the sound of legendary samplers like the MPC60. Throw this on a drum rack’s output with a nice MPC swing on the drums and you’re about as close as you’ll get without owning one.

One of the things that really impressed me is that aside from the usual MPC emulations, the D16 guys also included an often unsung hero in the classic sampler world – the ASR10. It’s about the only ASR10 emulation I’ve come across, and as an owner of a hardware version, I can say it does a good job of replicating the characteristics of this vintage sampler. Check out Decimort 2.

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