Deep House One-Shot Chords – Free Download.

Vintage House Chords | Pads & Stabs

Vintage House One-Shot Chords
Vintage House One-Shot Chords

Vintage House Chords is a collection of lush one-shot chords full of unique character and vintage vibes. Each one shot is a combination of minor 9th chords played through a selection of instruments that helped define the classic sound of House & Techno – the Juno 106, TX81Z, Korg M1, MK2 & Nord Lead. For additional authenticity, each combination of chords was then sampled into the Ensoniq ASR-10 for additional crunch and character.

I hope you enjoy this free download and that the one-shot chords bring you plenty of inspiration.

  • 30 chords, minor 9ths in the key of C and G. (Playable across the entire range of your keyboard for unique chords.)
  • Composites of chords played through the Juno 106, TX81Z, Nord Lead, Korg M1 (VST), Rhodes Piano (VST).
  • All elements and the final composite sampled into the ASR10 for additional crunch.
  • Composite chords sampled to Mono for extra vintage authenticity & to avoid potential phase issues with stacking sounds.

True to the roots of early sampling, the one-shots were sampled as mono files (a technique that is commonplace in classic House, Hip Hop & Techno from the golden era, and a “secret weapon” of many modern producers.) (Tip : pan the mono one-shots hard left and hard right and send both to a stereo reverb for a huge/wide sound with the presence and control that only a mono file brings to your mix!)

To ensure maximum flexibility, the vast majority of these chords have been sampled without heavy use of additional effects. (As these are stacked sounds, even without effects, they are full of character and change subtely as each of the stacked elements evolves.) Care has been taken to give each combination a character that comes to life in YOUR sampler of choice : simply apply your sampler’s modulation effects, alter the ADSR, and/or process with additional effects and you will find a treasure trove of sounds that can be completely YOU. 

I love lush pads, but who doesn’t love a great chord stab? For additional flexibility, the majority of the chords in this pack have been layered with a nice percussive element at the beginning of the sample. You’ll find that these chords, therefore, work great as deep pads and ALSO as punchy percussive stabs. (Tip : adjust the attack on each chord to remove the percussive element, if you wish).

With Vintage House Chords, I hope I’ve created a pallette that creative producers will be happy to return to again and again. Each chord will add vintage character to your music as is, but the magic happens when you use this content in your own way. If you’re a lover of labels like Serious Grooves, KMS, Sistrum, M&S, Moods & Grooves, Sound Signature, Balance, Nite Grooves, Trackmode, Soundstream etc, – or simply a fan of proper deep House, Hip Hop or Techno – I think you’ll enjoy these chords!

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