Yamaha TX81Z Editor – Novation Zero SL (MK2)

Novation Zero SL MK2

Did you know that the Novation Zero SL MK2 comes with built-in templates for editing TX81Z preset parameters via MIDI CC?

Neither did I, until I started searching for editors for my recently acquired Yamaha TX81Z synth.

If you’re unfamiliar, it’s a classic FM synth with some classic presets, including the legendary Lately Bass.

Unfortunately, despite it having a great selection of presets, it’s notoriously difficult to edit them. Editing presets requires some serious menu-diving and button pushing, and it’s enough of a hassle to really put a damper on creativity when trying to modify presets. For this reason, despite it being a true Techno and House classic synth, they aren’t pricy.

BUT – if you have a decent way to edit the presets, it becomes a great (cheap) addition to your studio. So – I picked one up and went on a search for a decent editor. There are some software editors that work well and can be quickly found on the web – but I was hoping to find something that would allow me to easily edit patches with a hardware interface via MIDI CC.

It turns out, that I had one sitting in my studio. The Novation Zero SL MK2 comes bundled with a template for the TX81Z that makes tweaking parameters on the synth MUCH easier. Combined with a macro on my Maschine that I have set to select presets (again by MIDI CC), I’ve discovered a great way to make more of this great synth!

Interested? Find out more about it, in this quick video.

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